9º Encontro Internacional de Ilustração de S. João da Madeira
Graphic Design + Illustration

I was invited by the Parish Council of S. João da Madeira to create the graphic identity of the 9th International Illustration Meeting. Each year the event has a different theme, this year it was "The Machine".

I started by researching different types of machines and different possible approaches to the theme. I opted for a more analog approach, using manual collages of textures and technical drawings of various types of machines. I wanted to represent not only the machine as an object but also its potential and the results of a machine in operation. The illustrations started off based on existing machines but gradually transformed into more abstract objects as the layers of collages and colors increased. They are therefore images of new machines that challenge our imagination in order to give them purpose.

As primary colors are the foundation to all others, their use is an analogy to matter that machines also transform into something else.

After the creation of the logo and the 10 illustrations of machines I set out to prepare all the graphic materials needed for the event. All graphic media have been elaborated through the details of the illustrations to make all communication cohesive and appealing to the target audience.

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