Maria dos Tamancos
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Memories. Accumulation. Layers. Hands. Utensils. Do. Know. Point. Scratch. Stretch. Cut. Stick. Nail. Sew. Speak. Try on. Walk.
“In this second edition, ESTAU continues its intention and vocation to care for and value local traditions, reinventing the way of doing them, using them or simply renewing the way we look at everything that is unique and that builds the identity of this region.

A few months ago, we were driven to D. Maria da Nazaré. And in Pardilhó, in addition to finding the one responsible for the production of thousands of clogs, who for more than 50 years wore thousands of thousands of Estarrejenses, we went to discover Maria dos Tamancos, a woman full of force, energy and contagious passion and great inspiration.

The exhibition MARIAS DOS TAMANCOS is the result of the challenge launched to a group of 10 artists, illustrators, writers, sculptures and similars, to celebrate with us and through their unique languages, talent and vitality, the 'true' Maria as a tribute extended to the people of this land.

Our Marias: Bárbara R. (PT), Burry Buermans (BE), Catarina Monteiro (PT), Joakin Pereyra (PT), Lord Mantraste (PT), Mariana a miserável (PT), Mosaik (PT), Neberra (PT), THE CAVER (PT) e João Miranda aka WalkingFearless (PT).”

/// part of the process

/// at the exhibition
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